Carp Team England are wholly self funded and rely upon the kind generosity and donations of their supporters. We would like to thank the following sponsors without whom we would not be able to compete.


A Massive thank you to these companies that donate £500 to keep Carp Team England going. Thank you guys

Title sponsorship of Carp Team England is not available. We feel that, as a national team, we should remain non- commercial and the team should belong to the country not to any individual organisation.

However, we are happy to enter into official supplier / supporter agreements, “as used by” promotions, accept donations, and assist with PR and PA opportunities both within and outside of the angling world.

Current financial contributions are set at £500. Personal appearances / product agreements by separate negotiation

For more info please contact us by e mail.


Our supporters provide equipment services and background support without which the running of the team would be impossible.