2015 World Championships

A new squad was formed for 2015 they won gold and the world championships at their first attempt in Spain.

2016 Anglo / Welsh Cup

2016 saw history being made with the first ever all female international event. Wales took on England at Barston, and England won.

2016 Six Nations - France

2016 saw England compete in a Six Nations event in practice for the World Championships later in the year. We won convincingly with two pairs on the podium.

2016 IBCC - Hungary

2016 saw Billy Flowers, Mark Bartlett and Tom Maker represent England in the IBCC International competition in Hungary. England won convincingly.

2016 World Championships - France

2016 saw Team England heading to France in defence of their world title. England and France where the favourites, but luck was on neither side. Russia won. England came 6th.